November 14, 2024    COAM

Lean Construction Forum 2024 Agenda

The debate and round tables will focus on the following aspects:


  • What is Lean Construction and where does it come from?
  • What principles is it based on?
  • What can we learn from other industries that have already integrated the Lean philosophy?
  • Why are companies adopting Lean?
  • What professional skills does this new paradigm demand?


  • What delivery methods exist?
  • What types of contracts are there today?
  • What are collaborative contracts and what are the references?
  • What is Lean IPD and what principles is it based on?
  • Why is Lean IPD the natural framework for industrialisation and the use of BIM?
  • How does collaborative contracting fit into the LOE framework?


  • ¿How is Lean in the world?
  • What Lean techniques have been used in Spain and with what results?
  • How is collaborative procurement in the world?
  • What collaborative experiences have we seen in Spain and with what results?

(*) Subject to change


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