October 10, 2024    El Beatriz Madrid

Estadios Summit 2024 Agenda

Accreditation. Networking Café
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Thursday October 10. 08:30.
    Welcome and opening of the event
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    Thursday October 10. 09:00-09:10.
      Keynote speaker: innovation and the future of sports stadiums
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      Thursday October 10. 09:10-09:30.
        Stadiums and sports centres as transformative spaces in the city
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        Thursday October 10. 10:15-11:00.
        • Analysis of the urban and social impact of stadiums in cities
        • Stadiums as the driving force for the regeneration of neighbourhoods
        • Successful cases
          Conceptualization and Business Models: the essential starting point for the design, management, and operation of stadiums
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          Thursday October 10. 09:30-10:15.
          • Key factors to consider in the conceptualization and business model of the stadium: urban planning, functionality and use, sustainability, spectator experience, and technology
          • Financing models, investments, and economic viability in the construction and development of stadiums
            Design, architecture and innovation strategies to create the stadiums of the future
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            Thursday October 10. 11:00-11:45.
            • Implementation of advanced technologies and innovative design in stadium construction
            • Refurbishment of existing stadiums vs. construction from scratch. The impact of social mass and the importance of legacy with the community
            • Is there a common pattern in the design of national and international stadiums?
            • Industrialisation and sustainability in sports stadiums
              Networking Café
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              Thursday October 10. 11:45-12:30.
                Exploitation, operation and management of stadiums 365 days a year
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                Thursday October 10. 12:30-13:15.
                • Strategies to maximise the profitability and continuous use of stadiums. The importance of having a reliable operator
                • Revenue diversification: naming, merchandising, ticketing, F&B, museums and other sources of monetisation
                • Exploitation on match days vs. all other days of the year
                • Are real estate asset classes such as retail and hospitality gaining a foothold in stadiums?
                  New trends in user experience in sports stadiums
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                  Thursday October 10. 13:15-14:00.
                  • Data as a key factor in improving the spectator experience at sporting events
                  • Is the customer experience adapting to the tastes and habits of the new generations?
                  • Hospitality/VIP zones: Offering unique user experiences
                    Networking Lunch
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                    Thursday October 10. 14:00-15:15.
                      Beyond the stadium: management and development of academies, sports cities, residences and other facilities at elite clubs
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                      Thursday October 10. 15:15-16:15.
                      • Combining sport, education, health and sustainability in a single space
                      • Academies and study centres
                      • Residences for players
                      • Other facilities associated with sports centres
                        Sport as an economic engine: the case of Madrid
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                        Thursday October 10. 16:15-17:00.
                        Football, Formula 1, tennis and other sports
                          Afterwork: networking
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                          Thursday October 10. 17:00-17:45.
                            End of the Day
                            Thursday October 10. 17:45.

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